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We are a small, friendly and professional law firm providing excellent legal service with out of the box approaches to resolve your case. The truth is, big firms simply cannot give you the responsive and affordable representation that Zafari Law Firm can. Clients have direct access, and in turn peace of mind with the option of evening or weekend appointments. We advise you as family and friends, providing the honest and reliable legal representation that you deserve. 

With hundreds of cases and zero denials, countless reduced charges and dismissals, Zafari Law Firm is there for you every step of the way and will work diligently to get the best possible outcome for your case.

Whether you are seeking an immigration lawyer, bankruptcy lawyer, or criminal defense lawyer, call for a FREE consultation today. We will tell you upfront if we can truly help your case or not, saving time and money all around. If not, we are happy to at least point you in the right direction.

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Qais Zafari, attorney and founder of Zafari Law Firm, has had a lifelong passion and pursuit of justice for all. Being from a family that immigrated to the United States, he firsthand saw the social and economic disadvantages they faced in order to provide and achieve a better life. It instilled a deep desire to help provide fair opportunities to others seeking the same. Determined to make a difference, for over a decade, Qais has fought for people who are often overlooked and suffer the most injustice due to upbringings similar to his own. Armed with vast knowledge about the complex nature of the ever changing political climate and policies regarding Immigration Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law and Family Law, Qais paved the way into a league of his own as a lawyer for the people.

Qais received his Bachelors Degrees in English and Political Science from the University of Riverside, California. Afterwards, he received his Juris Doctorate ( J.D. Degree) from Whittier Law School in Costa Mesa, California. He was admitted to The State Bar of California in 2004. 

Qais has 15 years of expertise in a variety of practice areas including Immigration, Criminal Defense, DUI/DWI, Bankruptcy, Debt, Workers Compensation, Personal Injury, and Expungement/Post Conviction Relief.

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