General Legal FAQs

What areas of law do you practice?

Qais Zafari, attorney and founder of Zafari Law Firm, has 15 years of expertise in a variety of practice areas including Criminal, DUI/DWI, Immigration, Bankruptcy, Debt, Workers Comp, Personal Injury, and Expungement/Post Conviction Relief

What do you do as a DUI lawyer? 

We specialize in DUI/DWI cases and proceedings. We will file your motion, handle all proceedings and work hard to get the best outcome for your individual case. We have achieved countless dismissals and reduced charges to wet and reckless.

What kind of cases do you handle as a criminal defense lawyer?

We specialize in criminal defense cases for DUI/DWI, domestic violence, misdemeanors, felonies, expungements, probation violations, arrest warrants and post-conviction relief.

Can you help expunge my record?

Most likely, call us for a free consultation!

Do you practice immigration law?

Yes, we specialize in immigration law.

What kind of cases do you handle as an immigration lawyer?

We handle, and have achieved successful outcomes for, immigration cases regarding deportations, family petitions, asylum, pardons, U-visas, appeals, citizenship and permanent residency.

As an immigration lawyer, how will you help with my immigration process?

We will help you with your entire immigration process, whether it is paperwork or preparation for your interview, we got you covered! We are proud to say that we have reunited hundreds of families.

Do you practice bankruptcy law?

Yes, we specialize in bankruptcy law and proceedings.

What kind of bankruptcy cases do you handle as a bankruptcy lawyer?

We primarily work with bankruptcy cases for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

How much debt have you discharged as a bankruptcy lawyer?

We have successfully discharged millions in debt for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.

Do you practice family law?

Yes, we practice family law.

What kind of cases as a family lawyer do you handle?

We handle family law cases for divorce, child support and child custody.

What kind of cases as a civil lawyer do you handle?

We handle civil law cases for personal injury, workers compensation, auto accidents, and lemon law.

How much does a consultation cost?

An initial 30minute consultation is free!

What do I need for my consultation?

Please be prepared with any relevant documents and information pertaining to your case

                              Bankruptcy FAQs

Do you charge extra if spouses are filing for bankruptcy together?
No, there is only one simple fee whether you file for single or joint bankruptcy with your spouse.
How long does the whole bankruptcy process last? 
From filing your case and obtaining your discharge, the bankruptcy process takes on average about 4 months.
Will I have to go to court for my bankruptcy case? 
It is very rare for you to have to go court. As long as your petition is properly prepared and filed, you will not need to go to court.
How much debt do I need to file bankruptcy? 
There is no minimum debt requirement necessary to file for bankruptcy  We’ve had clients with as little as $8,000 in debt file for bankruptcy.
Do I qualify to file for bankruptcy?
Qualifying for bankruptcy depends on your income, expenses and assets.  Our office will make sure you qualify before charging you any fees.

Immigration FAQs

Can you help get me a work permit?
Yes, we can help you obtain a work permit. However, in order to qualify for a work permit, you must first have an underlying application for relief.  During our initial no cost consultation, we will explore all your options and determine whether or not you qualify for a work permit.
At what age can my US Citizen children apply for me to get my green card?
Your children, who are US citizens, must be at least 21 years old to apply for you.
How long after I receive my green card can I apply for citizenship? 
Either 3 or 5 years depending on how you got your green card.  3 years if you got your green card through your spouse and 5 years in almost all other cases.
Can I still apply for DACA? 
No new applications for DACA are being accepted at this time.  This could change in the near future.  You may, however, file for renewal if you had DACA previously.
My child is in the U.S. Military, does that help me get legal status? 
The short answer is yes. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult now and the program that allows for that could be terminated soon.  If you do qualify for legal status since your child is in the US military, you must act now and file your paperwork as soon as possible.

Criminal Defense FAQs

Do I need an attorney to represent me for my DUI? 
It is not required, but highly advised that you retain an attorney to represent you.  An attorney can properly review your case and protect your rights.
Will I actually have to go to jail for a first time DUI? 
It is unlikely for you to actually go to jail for a first time DUI.  Although it is possible, but it does not happen often and varies upon each case.
What is an expungement? 
An expungement is a court order that changes your plea to not guilty.  That does not mean that the conviction never happened, it’s still on your record.  But, getting an expungement could help you, for example when seeking employment.
How much does an expungement cost?
Most expungements are fairly simple and don’t require any court hearings. Don’t overpay for an expungement, be wary of attorneys that say otherwise. If you aren’t sure, call us for a free initial consultation so we can honestly try to help you.
Can I reduce my felony conviction to a misdemeanor? 
In some cases, yes you can.  If you were convicted of what is called a “wobbler” (a charge that could have been brought up as either a misdemeanor or felony), after probation you can petition the court to reduce your felony conviction down to a misdemeanor.
Should I have a Public Defender represent me or retain a private attorney? 
That is a personal decision and depends on your case.  Most Public Defenders are not able to give you the personal time and attention that your case requires because they are so overworked. Consequently, this could negatively impact the outcome of your case.  At Zafari Law Firm, we provide clients their due attention and affordable payment plans should you need one. 

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